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Lenovo takes second place in PC sales after HP

By: Evabarnet | Oct 14, 2011 09:33 AM

According to ‘Gartner research’ sale was lower worldwide in the third quarter of the year. As against the projected growth of 5.1%, the actual was only 3.2%. Almost 92 million units were sold. The poor sales can be attributed to tight budget and the emergence of tablets etc, according to another research firm, IDC. The inventory build up of the previous year was cleared up during the previous quarter, but still the sale was lower than expected. Non-PC devices like smartphones and iPads were more in demand for the customers than the PCs. But it is to the credit of Lenovo that it has attained considerable growth in sales – about 10% during the last two years compared to global growth of just 3.6% Lenovo took the second place in the number of units sold with only HP just ahead of it. Lenovo’s share in the world market is 13.7% whereas that of HP is 18.1% The share of Dell, Acer and Asus were 12%, 10% and 6.5% respectively. The number of units sold by Lenovo is about 12.5 million in the third quarter, showing a growth of 36%. It made good advantages of the confusion among the topmost companies Lenovo’s association with NEC helped it to gain access to the Japanese market. Taking over of the German company ‘Medion’ enabled it to strengthen its hold in the Western European market. Yuanqing Yang of Lenovo expects even better results in future because the customers are pleased with the quality of the product and so they have faith in the company. Lenovo’s interest will not be limited to PC. Technologically advanced Smart TV, smartphone and tablets are also being produced by the company.




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