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Lexibook DMP63SP Spiderman MP3 Player

By: Evabarnet | Mar 06, 2011 04:16 AM

It is not for the first time that Lexibook lunching MP3 player in the European markets. As of the previous models, the new Lexibook DMP63SP Spiderman MP3 Player is also superior in performance and storage capacity. This new model is especially designed for the true music lovers. Its designs, compact size, performance, everything is enjoyable. On the main panel, this classy device holds a front facing LCD display which will help the user to move through the navigation menus easily. This glossy display will provide you the detail of the song while playing. Supported file types are MP3 and WMA formats. A high speed USB host is integrated on the player for media integration. You can make use of this connectivity port to link the gadget with your PC and move files from one another safely. For storage needs, this new model possesses 1GB which is possible through SD / MMC cards. In fact, this removable card will help you to avoid direct PC connectivity and so virus threats. Internal power supply of the gadget is AAA battery. You can use the USB host to integrate the battery charger as well. This innovative MP3 player has 150g weight including battery and it measures 53 x 13 x 88 mm. Apart from audio playbacks, this striking model has inbuilt voice recording facility, which will help the user to record songs from somewhere else. Lexibook DMP63SP Spiderman 1GB MP3 Player is capable to store up to 250 songs inside. This enormous memory of the player will help you to take your favourite songs everywhere with you.

General Information
Brand Lexibook
Model Lexibook DMP63SP Spiderman MP3 Player
weight 150g
Dimensions 53 x 13 x 88 mm
Player Type Music player
Supported PC Interface USB
Capacity 1GB
Supported Audio Formats MP3, WAV
Connectivity Technology Wired
Connector Type USB
Display Features
Built-in Display LCD
Battery Type AAA battery




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