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LG LS186CE Air Conditioner

By: Chris Kevin | Aug 23, 2011 11:30 PM

The temperatures soaring as days pass by can be controlled in the living spaces with LG LS186CE Air Conditioner. This multipurpose design cools the room without excess power or energy consumption while also dehumidifies the space effortlessly and purifies the air with Plasma Air Purifying System. Well thought of chaos swing mode ensures even temperature distribution. The latest technology features like Gold Fin anti corrosion system for durability; jet cool system especially useful in scorching summers; cooling mode and fan mode heightens the charm of it. The refrigerant used is R-410A. This air conditioner with cooling power of 18,000 – 17,800 BTU / hr has SEER of 13; EER of 9.1 and the air circulation ensured is 460 / 380 / 320 CFM in high, medium and low ranges. The dehumidification ensured is 5.3 pt / hr. It has noise level ranging from 41 / 38 / 36 dB indoors and 55 dB outdoors. The smart auto operation feature is an added attraction. With manual power switch for perfect controls; temperature display on indoor unit for accurate settings; auto sleep mode to save energy and auto restart for continuous performance after power fluctuations makes it apt for regular consistent use. It has 24 hours on / off timer that can be set as required and built-in low ambient standards, down to 0 degrees F! In sync with the changing demands and requirements of users worldwide this design with 4 fan speeds offers ultra quiet operation and powerful evaporator frost control. The rated outdoor voltage is 230 / 208 -60-1 and indoors voltage is 36 V DC. The cooling operating range is 23-115 degrees F while the cooling operating range with low ambient kit is 0 – 115 degrees and thermostat range is 64 – 86 degrees F. The indoor package is offered with an installation plate and hardware plus remote control with batteries, holder and hardware for user’s comfort while the outdoor package has an exterior unit as well as sufficient refrigeration for charging the indoor coil and a 25’ line set, though not included in the package. LG LS186CE Wall Mounted Air Conditioner with warranty of 2 years on parts and 5 years for the compressor is a design par excellence. Having dimensions of (W) 42 15/16 x (H) 11 13/16 x (D) 7 1/32 inches and weighing 28.6 lbs for the indoor appliance and (W) 34 5/16 x (H) 25 13/16 x (D) 12 5/8 inches and weighing 149.9 lbs for the outdoor appliance, it can be installed easily.

General Info.
Brand LG
Model LG LS186CE Air Conditioner
Weight Indoor appliance-28.6 lbs Outdoor appliance-149.9 lbs
Dimension Indoors-(W) 42 15/16 x (H) 11 13/16 x (D) 7 1/32 inches Outdoors-(W) 34 5/16 x (H) 25 13/16 x (D) 12 5/8 inches
Type of Air conditioner Wall mounted
Application Home / office
Cooling Capacity 18,000 – 17,800 BTU / hr
Noise Level Indoors- 41 / 38 / 36 dB Outdoors- 55 dB
Fan Settings 4 fan
Thermostat range 64 – 85 degrees F
Maximum dehumidification/day 5.3 pt / hr
Standard Features
Remote Control Yes
Sleep and timer options Yes
adjustable airflow Yes
auto re-start Yes
Sleep Mode Yes
Washable Pre-Filter Yes
Moisture removal Yes
Automatic operation Yes
Off timer Yes
Performance Rating
Energy Efficiency Rating 9.1




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