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Libre Super Truck 2 (II) Buggy

By: Chris Kevin | Sep 22, 2011 06:01 AM

Improve your racing skills and enhance your safari experience with the Libre Super Truck 2 (II) Buggy. This buggy makes safari in sand incredible. Designed to perfection, this buggy looks great and performs exemplarily. The highly durable rubber tires, adds sturdiness to the whole unit and makes movement effortless and quick. 

Pros: To further add to the robustness of the unit, the Buggy is finished in non-rusting galvanized steel. Fully customizable, this buggy meets the individual needs of the customers. Besides, it can be upgraded as per your requirements. With a comfortable seat you can position yourself conveniently in this buggy. For added safety, it comprises of padded side rails and splashguard. Back rests offers better support and you can sit comfortably. Enjoy your ride with this buggy, a perfect mate during your safaris. Angled Footpegs, Reinforced Frontfork and Kinked (Swan-Neck) Downtube are valuable additions of this buggy. It has an axle width of 135cm. With powder coating, this buggy looks great and does not wear out easily. This unit weights 41.5 kg, and this makes it very functional. It can be used along with 3 x Big Foot Light or 3 x Big Foot Wheels. Frame of this buggy comes in a stylish black body.

cons: None

conclusion: Libre Super Truck 2 (II) Buggy is known for its robustness, versatility and speed. It is perfect for long distance safari and rides. Durable construction, comfortable seating and added safety features contributes to the success of this buggy.

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