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Life Fitness 90S Commercial Stairclimber

By: Rex Inego | May 18, 2009 07:30 AM

With Life Fitness 90S Commercial Stair Climber, the company has climbed one step of the success ladder. It has many cardio exercise equipments to its credit and this unit is yet another accomplishment of the company. This is a self powered device which can be placed anywhere. Smooth stepping performance is offered with the mono-roller, belt-driven design.

Pros: Comfort exercising is ensured with perfect gripped handlebars to enhance support and maintain correct body posture. With angled linear slide mechanism, you get a natural stepping motion with each leg balanced properly. Better work out levels can be attained with the inclusion of Lifepulse digital heart rate monitoring hand sensors in the handle bars. It consists of Zone Training workouts whereby the resistance levels are maintained with regard to the target heart rate zone of the user. Additional benefits can be reaped with Goal-based workouts and interval workouts.

cons: None.

conclusion: Being a self powered unit, you will not find it difficult to place. Maintenance free functioning makes it a superior product when compared to others. It offers exercising to your comfort levels thereby bringing maximum results.

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