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Loestrin 20

By: Rex Inego | Apr 16, 2008 02:02 PM

Guys, i was on microgynon for one month, and after leaving a review on here about how insane it had made me, i booked up for the doctors and after a mild argument with my ignorant bastard of a doctor who thinks you should only be on the pill for contraceptive reasons,(i guess shes never suffered from irregular, heavy and EXCRUCIATING periods). However she put me on Loestrin 20, and it's only been five days but i am telling you it's like a god send. I'm calm, and back to my happy normal self. i've also been cutting down since microgynon and feel a lot slimmer and not bloated in any way. Maybe it's not been long enough to give 100% but i give it 90 so far.

Pros: No spottings Back to myself more motivated no more crying and being snappy

cons: few spots on the ol' chin chin but nothing some foundation wont cover up (Y)

conclusion: i have faith in the world again

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