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MAC Tinted LipGloss 4.8g

By: Chris Kevin | Aug 18, 2011 11:41 AM

Lip gloss is a valuable addition to your lip make-up along with lip liners, lip sticks and lip balms. To attain a fuller and complete lip make-up, you can use the MAC Tinted LipGloss 4.8g. It not only offers a fuller look, but offers long lasting results. This tinted lip gloss, provides smooth and healthy finish. 

Pros: Featuring a soft and easy to use lip brush, you can spread the lip colour evenly and smoothly. Sponge tip applicator glides smoothly over your lips and covers the sides and lip contours. It facilitates quick, easy and effective application. This lip gloss comes in a variety of shades and you can choose a colour that suits your style. It can be worn over a lip pencil or lip colour to get the ultimate look. This lip gloss can be worn individually as well. This pigmented formula, provides better hold and ensures long lasting glow. You can use the lip gloss for subtle and brighter shades as desired. Presence of Jojoba Oil keeps the lips softer and well conditioned. The lip gloss comes in a convenient and easy to use bottle. This lip gloss of 4.8g comes in Natural Pink with Pearl Shade.

cons: None

conclusion: MAC Tinted LipGloss helps in the creation of beautiful and healthy skin. It is easy to use and provide vibrant and effect results in no time.

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