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Madden NFL 07 (Wii)

By: Rex Inego | Feb 21, 2007 08:18 PM

The Wii launch saw many big names trying to steal the spotlight but it was clear that Zelda would always triumph in the end snagging peoples attention right from day one. Then there was Super Monkey Ball Banana Blitz, Rayman Raving Rabbids and the super-hyped up Red Steel. Alongside that Nintendo also offered us the free title Wii Sports and Wii Play supplied with an additional remote. It seemed these were the only ғbig titles that would supply us with the goods. But we were wrong. Enter Madden NFL 2007.

While many could argue right from the get-go that this game would only attract those who actually pay attention to the American pastime that isnԒt necessarily true. If you are indeed curious as to what the big deal is with this rugby look-alike or even just want to try something new then Madden 2007 is a great way to get your feet wet without feeling too overwhelmed. While past Madden iterations havent really covered the whole ғexplaining the rules section yet, this year it seems ever so slightly better.

The main core of the sport is this. Basically you start off with an offensive team and a defensive team. The offensive team has four plays (four attempts) to get the ball ten yards up the field passing or running the ball in order to do so. Every time a player is tackled with the ball or a wide receiver (catcher) drops a pass then a play is over. If the team makes it the ten yards in four plays then they resume attempting another ten yards in four more plays. If they fail then the other team gets possession of the ball and tries themselves. All this time the defence is trying to stop them making the ten yards. Confused? You will be to start with but keep at it and it will become easy.

There are more rules to learn much like any sport, but again there isnԒt actually an area explaining the rules of the game. However plays are divided into useful, easy to navigate sections. Passes short through long are shown as well as runs through the centre and outside of the pack. You can even ask Madden for his opinion on what play to pick too. Theyre only small features, but make the whole choosing the right play and understanding them easier to digest on newcomers. Again though if you want the rules explained to you then youҒll need to research elsewhere as Madden again refuses to even lend a finger.

Now onto the controls. How are they? In a word brilliant. All initial worries have been tossed out the window after playing a game with my friends, one of whom takes a decade to pick up a game with a normal control pad. They make you feel far more involved than any pad ever could and with the odd exception here and there mimic your every move with extreme accuracy. Throwing the ball is done by making a throwing gesture. Sticking a players arm out is done by moving the remote outward. Signalling a fair catch is done by waving the remote over your head and so on. All these actions donҒt sacrifice any of the depth to the game but rather just add a lot more fun to it.

The single player modes on offer are outstanding. Franchise mode allows you to take control of any team from the NFL and play games from the season, trade players, sign free agents and even remodel your stadium. Next up is the mini camp mode where you take part in a selection of mini games and game situations in order to earn extras and cheats. Then theres Superstar mode where you control a created player from the start and work your way up to the elite Hall of Fame. Along the way youҒll be interviewed, sign up with new teams and start movie careers. Throw in some creating modes and unlockables and youll be busy for ages.

Multiplayer isnҒt left out either and is another extremely strong point of Madden 2007. Alongside the usual four player exhibition games, exclusive to the Nintendo Wii version there are three mini games. First up is the 2 on 2 game which is extremely fun with three friends. Next is a kicking contest where players take it in turns to attempt a field goal. However the other players can affect the wind by making a running motion with the controls. The final game involves one player as a quarter back and the rest as defenders. The aim of the game is to get as many yards as possible against the defence in order to achieve points. After every attempt the quarterbacks change and you continue this until a winner is declared. Trust me when I say that as long as you have friends to play, you will always be back to play time after time.

While the game doesnt look anywhere near as good as the PS3 or Xbox 360 it still gets the job done. It would have been nice to see NintendoҒs hardware pushed a little more but what we have is still acceptable. As for the music, the Madden series has always been known for its large selection of rock and hip-hop which is no different this year. If this is your kind of music then youll be happy but if not sadly thereҒs no option to transfer music from an SD memory card so youll have to live with it. The grunts, groans, smacks and hits are all fine but again it seems that the commentary is lacking. John Madden and Al Michaels donҒt seem very enthusiastic however it is still good compared to other sports.

Pros: - Franchise Mode! - Multiplayer mini games - The level of detail in this game with stats galore.

cons: - Graphics look last generation - If you hate football this won't change your mind.

conclusion: Madden NFL 2007 is one of the best sports packages available on any system. The single player and multiplayer truly shine while the game makes great use of the new control. With the minor hiccups of less than preferred visuals, lacking commentary and the odd dodgy control it hardly matters when you have such a slobber knocker of a game on your hands.

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