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Margaret Astor Eye Pencil

By: Chris Kevin | Aug 16, 2011 07:15 AM

Create a defined looks with the Margaret Astor Eye Pencil. This product from Margaret Astor offers excellent eye make up solutions. It provides smooth gliding effects and offers bright eyes. It instantly brightens up your dull and dreary eyes. In addition, the eye liner makes your eye bigger and brighter. When used well, you can create simple and dramatic looks in just minutes. 

This eye pencil works it wonders and offers a fantastic looking eye. You can sharpen and use the eye pencil to define the edges and contours. The point will not break off quickly and it facilitates mess-free use. 

Pros: Smudge-free and smear free properties makes this eye pencil very functional. This Eye Liner is simple to use and offers excellent eye lining. It can be used for lining, shaping and contouring. By creating the eye pencil, Margaret Astor wanted to give the best solution for eye-make up. This forms the base of any eye make up and you can proceed with eye mascara, eye shadow and other make-ups. It keeps you eye bright and glowing. Compact and slim, you can grip the pencil conveniently and use it easily. The pencil glides well and offers smooth and perfect finish.

cons: None

conclusion: Get the Margaret Astor Eye Pencil and create quick and effective results. The eye pencil works well for all and it can be carried wherever you go.

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