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Mario Kart Wii (Wii)

By: Rex Inego | Mar 03, 2009 10:40 AM

It has been twenty six years since the Mario brothers made their debut appearance with their thick mustaches and overalls. People loved them the world over, and they are still the gaming cornerstone for many. Yet again from Nintendo, comes a kart racing junket. In the Nintendo Wii, experience Wii graphics, different control styles, skill-based missions, a refreshing set of tracks and much more. The highlight here is the Wii Wheel, that gives you a whole new gaming experience. Are you a novice to the world of gaming? Go ahead and play, for with the Wii Wheel in hand, you too are just a stroke away from the virtuoso racers. It is adorably comfy to handle and makes life so very easy. Powersliding is made gratifying, also thanks to the Wii Wheel.

Making use of the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection, you can challenge about 11 players around the world, take part in tournaments by visiting the Mario Kart Channel, chat with your friends and also check ratings. Famed for their Multiplayer feature, Mario Kart Wii offers options such as team racing, battle mode, two to four-player split-screen, online racing with about two players per machine, online rankings and competitions by Nintendo. There is also support for four-player split-screen and the fun classic balloon bursting battle for a few extra coins.

With an incredible 32 tracks to race around, and twelve aggressive racers around, racing head-on in the GP modes is an experience of sheer merriment. And the fun part is, you can perform stunts as you race, giving you the extra mile in your smile. Discovering secret short-cuts, the scrumptious part of the Mario brothers series, is not to be missed in the Mario Kart Wii too. Take advantage of them, and race to your heart's content! You can also open up difficult circuits once you are done with the skill-based missions.

Mario Kart would be incomplete without weapons, there is a whole lot of them here. Don't hang behind the pack, for if you do, you are likely to be hit by a lightning strike, Bullet Bill and a POW Block. Drift across the race track and pop a stylish wheelie using the Wii Remote and gain additional speed in return. The host of characters include Mario, Luigi, Yoshi, Peach, Wario, Donkey Kong, Toad and Bowser and a few new faces. You can race as any of your favourite character or even be yourself! What more, you can also perform an array of special tricks using a motor bike if you are tired of the four wheels.

Mario Kart Wii is a sheer pleasure to watch and play, the animations are easy on the eyes and the tunes that accompany them are catchy too, they are bound to follow you around for a while after you've played the game. Go ahead and enter the world of the Mario brothers, they are adorable, fun to be with and make you an expert gamer even if you have not played a video game in your life.

Pros: Pleasant animations Multiplayer Feature Comfortable Wii Wheel A new set of tricks and tracks Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection

cons: Nothing much to point out

conclusion: The good old Mario and his friends never disappoint. In one word: Fantabulous

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