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Mario Strikers Charged Football (Wii)

By: Rex Inego | Jun 24, 2007 04:00 PM

Mario has entered the world of sports many times. He's been racing, playing tennis, some quiet games of golf and football. I have played all of them, and they are all simply fantastic. But now, he has entered football for a second time. But he's not entered on the Gamecube. He's chosen Nintendo's latest console, the Wii. You may be thinking that there isn't really much change from the Gamecube version of Mario Strikers, but believe me, there is.

The Wii version of Mario Strikers Charged Football features a lot of changes that are far superior to the Gamecube Mario Strikers. One change is the graphics. The Wii version has much sharper graphics than the Wii version. The lighting effects in Megastrike's and the lightning wall that surrounds the stadium are superb. I don't think anybody being electricuted has ever looked so good, especially when it's the keeper. Speaking of the keeper, he looks far more fierce than he did in the Gamecube version, and he has much sharper eyes as well.
Another major change to the game is it's amazing use of the Motion Sensing controls. You can shake the Wii-Mote to headbut the player in possesion of the ball (Toad's headbut seems a lot like the infamous Zidane headbut that may have cost France the '06 World Cup). You can also shake the nunchuck when the other player is getting a Megastrike to try destroing there chances of getting it on the orange part. The orange part of the MegaStrike bar makes the balls shoot really fast, the green makes the balls shoot fast, and anywhere else will make the balls go at normal speed. You can also shake the nunchuck while you're in possession of the ball to switch between the items shown at the top of the screen.
Of course, the biggest change in the game is the use of Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection, making Mario Strikers the first online game on Wii. You can be satisfied (if you live in Europe, anyway) that you're having fast-paced Wi-Fi action before Japan, (before you say anything, Pokemon Wii isn't exactly ''fast paced'') and the US (who don't get anything until the end of June). The Wii Online let's you play off against friends, or rise to the top of the rankings against people from all over the world.
When there's a MegaStrike that you need to save, the balls will come flying at your screen. You'll have to use the Wii-Mote to aim and press the A Button to destroy the balls. The more balls you destroy, the less goals will be conceeded. You may not think this is important if you're winning by loads of goals, but the next paragraph will explain why you're wrong...

After you have finished the group stages of any cup in the Road To Striker Cup mode, there will be some trophies awarded to you.
There are only two trophies that you can get, which may sound abit dull. But they give you a sense of achievement. (actually, that sounds quite stupid)
The ''Brick Wall'' award will be awarded to you depending on the amount of goals conceeded. If you conceed the least amount of goals in the Group stages than you'll be awarded with the Brick Wall award, which is why your defence needs to be on there toes and is why saving MegaStrikes is very important, even if you're in the lead by bucket-loads of goals.
The ''Golden Boot'' award will be awarded to you if you score the most amount of goals in the group stages. I suppose you fcould say that it is the opposite of the ''Brick Wall'' award. So you need to have a really good team and you should make sure that if a defender comes up to you trying to tackle you, you press the D-Pad. When you're in possession of the ball, pressing the D-Pad will stop defenders getting the ball off you, but, once you get into the Crystal Cup and Striker Cup, you have to time it just right.

The mode at the top of the game menu is called ''Domination Mode'', which is basically playing against a Computer or Multiplayer. You can chose different options for the Match, like the team, the time limit, amount of matches, difficulty level and more. I guess it could also be called Multiplayer mode, but it isn't.
The ''Road To The Striker Cup'' is 3 cups which get even more difficult each time. At the start you can choose your team, but once you've chose the team, you can't go back, so chose wisely. Simply because he tackles really good and is probably the best at shooting, I'd reccomend choosing Donkey Kong as the captain.The only bad thing I can say about this mode is the Striker Cup can get very frustrating.
There's also a ''Stiker Challenges'' mode, which I think is there to simply add to the replay value. Once you've finished the Striker Cup, you should try having a go at the Striker Challenges. For each challenge you complete, you can unlock different things.
The ''Strikers ABC'' is a good way to learn how to be a better player of Mario Strikers Charged Football. They're a bit too easy, but then again, nobody said they were going to be hard.
The ''Hall Of Fame'' mode is there to show you all of your past achievements in the game. It shows some information about the different capains you've unlocked from the Challenge mode and it shows the cups you have finished in Road To Striker Cup.
The ''Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection'' mode doesn't really need to be explained. It's the mode you go on to play online against friends and people you don't know.

Pros: -Improved Graphics -Motion Controls adds to the gaming experience -Nintendo Wi-Fi has finally arrived on Wii -Almost unlimited replay value

cons: -The Striker Cup can get really frustrating

conclusion: This game is a massive improvement over it's predecessor, let's just hope the Mario sport games to come will follow suit and take advantage of the Wii's capabilities.

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