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Maui Magic Mystic Firestarter 2008 Waist Harness

By: Rex Inego | Jun 02, 2009 05:59 AM

Claiming to have all the characteristics of the much-admired 'Warrior Waist', Maui Magic Mystic Firestarter 2008 Waist Harness has additional back protection in the form of a new, flexible 3D plastic injection moulded 'badge' section on the back. There is even a smooth PU covered handle pass / leash attachment around the back complete with quick release.

Loaded with features like Human Kinetic Technology System and System Down System"Waist" that locks the spreader bar down, giving more control while performing your manoeuvres, it has flex edge that enables the ribs to encounter the harness edge making the harness sides more flexible on points where the load distribution allows it. It also has H-Flex Force Frame formed by 3 fibreglass battens of which 2 are slightly angled vertical ones and 1 is horizontal. The vertical battens make sure a perfect harness shape enabling good load distribution during hooked sessions while the horizontal batten keeps the backside of the harness stiff when there is load on your handle pass leash.

Pros: A great harness, it features Double Power Leash ring that gives you the ability to split the force on the leash rings in half while the ring is secured to the strongest part of the harness. Complete with Neoprene double closure Battle Belt, Kite Spreader bar with protector cover (spreader pad), Adjustable Strap Handle, Safety Knife and Heavy Duty Seat part, it offers total comfort and maximum flexibility.

cons: None!

conclusion: Great for land boarding and kite surfing, this amazing narrow harness of excellent quality with comfortable and soft edges, sets the load distribution to a higher level and ensures mobility, flexibility and comfort.

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