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MAXIMUS Lubricant

By: Rex Inego | Jul 01, 2009 07:19 AM

A water based formula that is clear and thick, MAXIMUS Lubricant has all the essentials to enhance the pleasure while making love. It comes in 50ml and 250ml sizes to choose from and available in a transparent and handy pump bottle, you can take it with you easily and conveniently. With high glycol content, it ensures that the natural moisture is retained, thereby making the lube to last long.

Pros: The thick lube that is non-glycerine stays in the applied areas to make them extra slimy for that extra pleasure. It is formulated well with powerful ingredients that make it bio-static to prevent the spreading of yeast infection or bacteria, when the lube happens to be exposed to them.

cons: During longer sessions, it might get tacky.

conclusion: Being it a water-based lube, it ensures easy cleaning and it also dries out fast without getting stringy or sticky. Ideal for varied types of sexual intercourse, it is best suited for anal sex as well, thereby enhancing the usability of it.

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