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Medal of Honor: Vanguard (Wii)

By: Rex Inego | May 07, 2007 04:34 PM

Many people may have been deterred from buying this game by the bad reviews this got as the game came out. However I think you should reconsider this game. There are a few niggles in it but it's still a good game. You play in the elite 82nd Airborne Division as Corporal Frank Keegan. There are four different operations with about 3 missions for each operations. All of these have varying themes of terrain (for instance the third operation is mainly in a town). The controls seem to be based on Red Steel's system, however it's a little more complex, hand gestures with the nunchuck can substitute button presses like crouching and jumping. Unlike Red Steel where your gun is kept in the middle while the screen moves smoothly, MOH moves the gun around the screen then moves your sight as you hit the sides of the screen, this leads to a rather clunky feeling controls and when your moving through small spaces it can get annoying if you move to far one way. As you move through the levels you can really get some intense action at points, but at others you find soldiers crouching down behind boxes for inordinate amounts of time which means you have to move into the line fire to kill people, it also slows action down incredibly. Your team mates will annoy you, leaving you to shoot several targets at a time and pushing you out of you space into the open, you don't even have enough freedom to shoot the team mates that are causing the trouble, which heightens the aggravation. Multiplayer is the selling point of the game that wasn't in Call of Duty. There are four game types which include Death Match, Capture the Flag (A little dull if you have less than four players), Scavenger Hunt (Capture the Flag with Supply Canisters) and King of the Hill (which seems reasonably fun). You can play these on six Levels, four of which are based on the games operations, the other two are general war arenas. One problem with the Multiplayer is the spawn points, there are only two for each team, which means glitches and spawn ambushes galore. The Graphics are not outstanding they could easily pass for Gamecube graphics but they are not awful.

Pros: + First Multiplayer war game on the Wii + The Last campaign is the highlight of the game

cons: - The Graphics aren't special - The control is sometimes dodgy - Your team are very annoying! - Call of Duty puts you in the action better

conclusion: Vanguard has had a good try at giving you a good gaming experience but falls short of the mark just a little. The final level does what you expect in a war game but, the other levels just outweigh it.

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