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Mercilon Contraceptive Pill

By: Rex Inego | Sep 07, 2008 08:42 PM

Been on Mercilon pill for a year now. I used to have heavy periods, and pains would last 3 days and be unbearable. I couldn't walk for at least 2 days and would not leave my bed. I have always suffered PMS, this has not changed.

Pros: Haven't gotten pregnant. Lighter periods last 4-5 days. Little to no period pains. Period starts within 2 days of stopping the pill, like clockwork. I skipped a period one when I went on holiday by continuing onto the next pack, no problems. I sometimes forget to take pill at same time every day, but haven't had a problem, as long as I take it as soon as I remember.

cons: In the beginning I would get bad migranes, but they stopped once my body got used to it. I feel bloated alot. I haven't gained weight, but feel / look heavier, especially around my torso. I think this is due to water retention, not sure if its caused by the pill.

conclusion: Overall, happy with Mercilon. Would advise it to anyone with heavy periods / bad period pains.

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