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Mercilon Contraceptive Pill

By: Rex Inego | Jul 26, 2008 10:47 PM

I am 24, first started on Mercilon at 18, so I was on it for about 6 years. I started vomiting at night each time I started a new packet, and I thought it had something to do with Mercilon and the way my body reacted to it after such a long time...anyway, I am now on Yasminelle (my first month) but let me share my experience with Mercilon.

Pros: Didnt get pregnant, YAY! so it really does the job. Also, when I first started I had really bad acne and just overall very spotty, problematic skin. After about a month, my skin cleared out, it was like a miracle for me (cause I tried so many treatments to treat my acne and nothing worked). Mercilon really solved that problem, and i will be forever greatful! Another good point is that I didnt gain weight- at least I dont think so. I am about 3kg heavier than when I started (6 yrs ago) but I dont think it has anything to do with Mercilon. The vomiting ---- was NOT due to Mercilon (my Dr. told me it was because i was taking my tablets late at night (around midnight) and it was due to the change of hormones in my body every month, so it would happen with any other pill as well.... I guess it makes sense, when I first started I took the pill at around 7-8-9 pm but lately maybe around midnight or so- right before I went to sleep.... Not a good idea. No menstural pains or bloating

cons: The first few months- Really REALLY bad migranes... but they went away after a few months... or maybe I just got used to having them :) Loss of Libido - oh my gosh... dont get me started on this. I practically have no sex life because of this pill.... I blame it on the pill :) + my boyfriend always guessed when my period was approaching - apparently I became an evil, mean, irritated, moody, unbearable B---H!!!! ... haha But honestly, I never realised I was any different than the normal smily, happy and loving person that I thought I was!

conclusion: It did the job, and I loved the packaging. I really thought it was a good pill, but hey, how can I compare if I never used anything else? I am now on my first pack of Yasminelle, so far no changes or anything better or worse compared to Mercilon. I will see in the next few months.

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