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Mercilon Contraceptive Pill

By: Rex Inego | Jun 30, 2008 09:45 PM

I'm just new in mercilon and had it for only a month now. only 5 days from now i'll be finished with my first pack. =)

so far, its good. i haven't tried any other so can't compare it as of the moment. i hope this will work for me. i keep on researching for the information about mercilon and other pills but i'm not getting accurate answers, may be its because of the reason that it varies for different women.

my doctor gave it to me not because of its obvious reason. i was prescribed by OC because i have PCOS(policystic ovarian syndrome) and i need to do something about it. =)

Pros: no much mood swings although i was terrible on my first week. =) nausea disappears after a week or so.. =) big boobs! hehe! love it! =)

cons: too much weight gain. which is making me think to switch pills. i heard yasmin can help loose weight but i know every woman differs.. legs are swelling up a bit but not much. it could be due to high heels and stress.

conclusion: so far so good. I'm just thinking if i'll choose to have a sexy body than bearing the other side effects i'm reading with other reviews. so far its perfect! weight gain is my only problem. =)

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