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Mercilon Contraceptive Pill

By: Rex Inego | Jan 04, 2009 11:12 AM

I started Mercilon a year ago for irregular period (I was 20). I must say the results were great. In the first few months, it's true I had some headaches, but they went away once my body got used to the pill. From here only benefits. Regular, lighter, shorter period. I finally have some control over this and don't have to go half a month everyday with the thought that it can happen at any moment. Also all my problems with oily skin and hair went away. No more acne too. I can actually say right now, cause it's also winter I'm using products for dry skin and hair which is something I started thinking I'll hardly ever get to. Also to mention I did not gain weight. My boobs might be a bit bigger but that's not really noticable (I didn't want them bigger anyway, really)

Pros: - regular, lighter periods - no more oily hair and skin - no more acne - no weight gain - no more cramps during periods - no more mood changes before my periods (--this used to be a huge problem, especially if my period delayed for more than 10 days, I was awful, I would yell and be very very angry) - after about 6-7 months of taking Mercilon I also didn't have sensitive boobs before my periods -- practically no PMS left - period comes about 4 days after I stop taking the pill at about the same time as I usually take the pill -- what do you want more exact than that? - after 9 months of use I met my actual boyfriend so Mercilon finally became contraception method too..a great one I can say, no pregnancy scares so far

cons: - none that I can think of. Ok, maybe a few stomach aches, but I've had problems with my stomach before I started taking the pill. The doctor told me the pill shouldn't damage my stomach and the discomfort I feel every now and then could have multiple causes anyway, so it's not relevant.

conclusion: I'd recommend it to anyone. Especially if you have irregular periods like I used to and you want some control over that part of your life.

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