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Microgynon 30 Contraceptive Pill

By: Rex Inego | Jun 03, 2007 01:12 PM

Iv just turned 16 and I only asked for contraceptive pills because I get extremely painful periods and i didnt want my GCSE'S to be affected by them (According to the timetable they were due to come at completely the wrong time.) Im currently on my first ever 7 day break waiting for my period to arrive. However, is it neseccary to arrive and if it doesnt, when i start the pills again, will it not start at all because when i first took it, It stopped my period altogether.

Pros: My breasts have gone bigger (here's hoping);)

cons: I know i am eating more than i should be but i was going through that ''stage'' when you're a teenager and worrying over weight, and then eating more than you normally do. I can't be bothered to socialise,feeling depressed, feeling like there is no point to examinations, hopefully not affecting my results. And Yes, the crying over the most teeniest of things, not the best thing when its your last day in school and you are already emotional about leaving. I also do tend to feel sick in the morning however, i found that if i take the tablets b4 i go to sleep and eat a small snack before that, i have no nausea in the morning:)

conclusion: I cant really say at the moment because i havent had any periods yet, my main aim being to reduce the PMS. But i can say that my breasts have gone bigger and I was at a time where i was extremely depressed at the size of my breasts.

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