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By: Rex Inego | Jan 09, 2008 12:45 PM

i went on microlite at the age 19 and it was the 1st pill i ever tried. was at my uni doctor and mentioned it 2 him and he straight away prescribed microlite, without checking my blood pressure or anything. i was on it 4 about 6 months.

Pros: prevented pregnancy periods came same day every month easy to swallow no weight gain not many side effects

cons: my periods became v.heavy whereas b4 the pill they had been relatively normal periods usually lasted 6 days had a few scary moods....where i felt like i had psychiatric problems...felt like i was going crazy, was convinced i was ugly and took alot out on my boyf got upset over sily things like make up not looking right

conclusion: overall it wasnt a bad pill, after telling my doc that my periods were long and heavy she switched me 2 marviol which was an absolute bloody nitemare, literally couldn't leave the house for 6 days cos eriods were so heavy. am about to start taking cilest but not v.optimistic about it as ive read lots of bad reviews on here bout it!!

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