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Miss Sporty Eye Pencil

By: Chris Kevin | Aug 18, 2011 11:43 AM

Give your eyes beautiful and bright lines using the Miss Sporty Eye Pencil. This eye pencil is harmless to your eyes and provides desirable styling options. By offering long lasting shade, it creates a bold and intense look. The slim and compact eye pencil is easier to grip and you can use it conveniently. The tip of the pencil glides smoothly around your eyes, offering rich and brighter lines. 

Pros: You can create intense or simple looks with this eye pencil. The eye pencil with the top can be carried in your purse for quick eye touch-ups. It is handy and you can use it with ease. Precise lining is possible with this eye pencil. The tip can be sharpened and used to get perfect and smooth lines. The tip will not break easily and you can use it for longer. This eye pencil alone will make a long lasting impression.

cons: None

conclusion: Miss Sporty Eye Pencil works for all types of eyes. It is one of the basic items for eye-make ups. Slender and lightweight, it offers better functionality and use. This eye pencil is smudge free and it will not fade away easily.

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