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Modern Washing Machines - Various types and features

By: Amelia Janet | Sep 26, 2011 08:20 AM

Modern washing machines are designed to be more environments friendly and consumer based. The most popular home appliance is vital in every household to provide efficient washing and drying of clothes. The basic model was introduced in the UK in 1782 and the automatic versions in 1937. Semi automatic washing machines and fully automatic ones are the two popular types of washing machines available in the market. Semi automatic needs manual monitoring and the clothes have to be shifted from the first tub to the second one by hand. Fully automatic machines need no manual supervision. The machine with a single tub takes care of all the washing processes like wash, rinse and drying in the same tub. They are convenient for customers, though they cost more than 50% to 200% than semi automatic machines. The 2 categories of washing machines are top loading and front loading machines. The costly and energy efficient front loaders come with excellent features. Washing machines of both categories come with highly sophisticated features, suitable for contemporary markets. The programmable machines with touch control facility, water adjustment feature, and temperature control set up of water; allows clothes of various fabrics to be washed efficiently. Once the machines are pre-set, there is no need for manual supervision. LCD screens, Sensors and timers increases the efficiency of washing machines. The updated washing machines of today has features like end of cycle indicator, time remaining indicator, fuzzy logic, hand wash option, economy wash along with different intensity of washing for varied fabrics. Quick wash, intensive wash, half-load option, anti-crease option are other novel features in modern machines. Spin speeds with 1200 rpm to 1800 rpm washes and dries clothes fast and efficiently. The technology in fast forward mode, computers are becoming more and more robotic. Now they can do almost all the processes like adjusting loads and temperature as per the weight of the load, select the best washing cycle for the load and add sufficient detergent to the load. Moreover, the machine can be set to start at a specific time, which can be in off-peak hours to bring down electricity bill. The zero maintenance washing machines of modern homes are durable and user-friendly. Internet provides all the information on popular brands like Hotpoint, Beko, LG, Bosch, Whirlpool, Electrolux, Zanussi etc to customers who seeks information on washing machines. Information is given not only on various brands, but about their pricing and features. Updates of new features can be gathered from special websites. Product reviews of various machines furnish buyers with pros and cons of the products. The highly competitive market has forced producers to provide quality washing machines to customers. Each producer competes to offer the best washing machines with high-end features and energy efficiency. Rated A+ for energy efficiency, wash performance and spin efficiency, modern machines are equipped with everything a consumer requires.




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