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Moroccan Rose Body Milk

By: Chris Kevin | Aug 31, 2011 06:08 AM

A good moisturizer is a must have in your dressing table. The care and protection offered by a body moisturizer cannot be replicated by other products. With the goodness of natural ingredients and essential extracts, the Moroccan Rose Body Milk gives you supple and soft skin. The light weight body milk is absorbed effectively by the skin and you get healthy and glowing skin in no time. 

Pros: Available in a spray-on container, it can be applied and used without creating any mess. This body moisturizer helps to create a healthy and glowing skin. It can be applied all over your body and you get visible results after the very first application. Get soft and smooth skin with this high quality moisturizer. A mild and effective Rose scent leaves a tempting fragrance on your body. Applying the body milk is simple with the spray on nozzle. Just spray it over the body after bath and massage it all over. Organic babassu oil, sesame seed oil, organic olive oil, Moroccan rose oil and Rose extract combines to form this rich body milk

cons: None

conclusion: It is very effective and offers 12 hours moisturizing effect. It protects the skin from dryness and dullness. When extreme climate conditions take away the life from your skin, this product becomes a must-have skin care product. It comes in an easy to use, 250ml pack.

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