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Moschino Parfum Moschino Glamour Edp - 30ml

By: Chris Kevin | Sep 27, 2011 10:56 AM

Moschino Parfum Moschino Glamour Edp - 30ml is a new, glorious creation house of Moschino. This new fragrance is specially created for the women who want a strong, intoxicating scent. The fragrance is strong yet seductive, pleasant yet long-lasting, captivating yet inspiring. Combining the excellent notes of fruits and flowers it mesmerizes you and people around you. A few drops of this perfume are sufficient to create the magic. 

Pros: It is beautifully packed in a compact and pretty bottle that itself wins admiration. Crystal bottle with gold coat and red stopper makes this perfume bottle glamorous. It kicks off with sparkling and surreal top notes of Absinthe, Mandarin Flower, Sea Salt Flower Accord. The top notes pave way to middle notes of Hibiscus, Cattleya Orchid and Waterlilly. Ultimately the perfume leaves notes of Amber, White Musk and Cedar Wood. The perfect combination of floral, fruity and woody notes makes this perfume an irresistible one. The fragrance brings to you an enduring bliss and makes you the feel like a princess. Glamour perfume comes in 30, 50 and 100 ml EDP and 50 ml perfumed deodorant. It is perfect for occasions that demand glitz, glamour and attention.

cons: None

conclusion: Moschino Parfum Moschino Glamour Edp has the power to grab attention from all over. This wonderful perfume is filled with the goodness of beautiful scents. Get the attractive you deserve with this invigorating fragrance. It keeps you fresh and full of spirits throughout the day.

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