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Nam Am, 157 High Street, Wanstead

By: Rex Inego | Aug 03, 2004 10:56 PM

Nam Am is a Vietnamese style restaurant, which is by far the best restaurant i've ever been to, in every respect!

Being in Wanstead, London, every dish on the menu is very expensive, but at the same time, you do get very large portions which are worth every penny.

The restaurant is Vietnamese style, although you will find dishes on the menu that you would expect to find at a chinese, and of course, you will not find 'dog' on the menu like you would expect if you were to eat in a real Vietnam restaurant.

I live about 40 minutes away from the restaurant, but always consider eating there when eating out, despite the long drive.

Pros: Some of the best quality food you will get in any restaurant of this style. So much to choose from, and the menu is laid out so well that you never get confused with 'whats what'. Superbly decorated, and the whole place feels so spacious, and the nice big tables give you all the room you need! There is a beautiful pond with fish in it in the corner of the restaurant, with constant running water, so while you eat there is the nice sound of running water, which I think makes your time at Nam Am better, as you never feel like you are 'being too noisy' and disturbing others, which gives the restaurant some extra points in my books! Waitors and Waitresses all wear appropriate uniforms which makes reinforces the restaurant's theme - also the staff are excellent and welcoming. Food is of such high quality, and brought out to you in good time, not too soon and not too late, and is always cooked fresh. If you must wait for a table, there is a spacious waiting area at the front of the restaurant which is very comfortable and peanuts are provided free of charge, and again, you don't have to sit there quietly, there is enough background noise to forget about anyone else. Also, there is a bar just by the waiting area which is very nice. Everything at Nam Am has been made specially for the restaurant, even the decorations, which is a lovely touch, and makes you feel like you've eaten somewhere really special. Even door handles carry the Nam Am logo.

cons: Each dish is quite expensive (around about ?9 per dish for main courses) but this is what you expect from a london restaurant, and as I've said before, the food is well worth the money and you won't regret spending it at Nam Am.

conclusion: I highly recommend you get yourself down to Nam Am immediately. I eat out a lot, and Nam Am is by far the best restaurant i've ever been to for the whole experience. If you like Chinese food, you're garaunteed to love this place! If you're not keen on chinese food, i still think you should Nam Am a try, it's truly fantastic! easily 10 out of 10

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