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Nam Am, 157 High Street, Wanstead

By: Rex Inego | Jun 07, 2008 10:24 AM

Having been here before, I suggested this restaurant to go to with 9 other ladies.We ordered a selection of starters for 8 and were horrified to find there was one plate of food which cost 52 !!!. On this plate there was one of everything, not enough to even whet the appetite.
On complaining to staff (very politely) were told that'' This was it''. You would think to placate the table we would have been offered some more food as a good gesture, but no so we paid the money and deducted the sevice charge and walked.
In this day you would have thought that a restaurant would not be so short sighted as to lose a party of 10 over being so mean. We then found another restaurant and spent over ã300.

Pros: What little food we had tasted good.

cons: Very poor customer service.

conclusion: This restaurant may be good for a small group, but would NEVER go as part of a larger group.

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