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Need For Speed: Carbon (PC)

By: Rex Inego | May 30, 2007 08:20 PM

The most recent release of the legendary NFS series (some rumor it to also be the last), Need For Speed: Carbon is a continuation of Need For Speed: Most Wanted.

Initially finding yourself in your famous BMW M3 from Most Wanted, Cross finally gets you and you wreck it. Once again, you start from zero, having only ''level one'' cars.

The game is organised around ''crews''. Crews you find during races are made out of 4 racers with similar vinyls / body paint / car styles, which you will have to beat for territory.Your crew will only be made up of yourself and another racer during the races, and you will have up to 3 other racers hired overall. You can modify their cars fully (but you cannot remove their custom vinyls; a way to work around that if you want identical crew paints is to simply cover it with vinyl layers untill they are no longer visible). All racers have a career bonus, one that you get even if you're not racing with him / her and a race bonus, one you get only while racing with him/her.
Crewmen are of three types: Scout (finds shortcuts), Blocker (Blocks opponents), Drafter (Lets you draft behind and gain massive speed). Your ultimate goal is to conquer all of the city.

You have the ability to customise your car to a large extent: More vinyls and body options are available now more than ever, whilst the performance system has stayed the same to the one you should already be used to, except that each type has three sets. Cars are now of Tier 1, 2, or 3. Each one denotes a different quality of the car, and you will have to buy new cars to keep up. As well, performance upgrades differ from tier, but a Tier 3 Street upgrade for Suspension for example will be superior to a Tier 1 Pro upgrade.

Once again, you have a supportive female character helping you throughout the game, this time by the name of Nikki. She is reluctant to help you at start, due to old events she has not forgotten. Well, better said, a version of which she has not forgotten.
As the story progresses, you are backstabbed but get out only because of her help.

Pros: Large variety of cars and possible customizations; Good online play and rankings offering a highly competitive enviroment; Nice card reward system which will allow you to unlock upgrades for career and quick race cars; note that you can use your career car for online gameplay! Well done cinematics, general graphics and storyline. Police is present, allowing for great ingame pursuits - allthough, unlike in Most Wanted, they are NOT required: They are simply here as a nuisance, or if you're like me, a pleasure / challenge.

cons: Some graphic bugs exist; A few aspects of driving are unrealistic, such as speed breaker bringing you from 100mph to 0 in a VERY short time, and Muscle cars flipping due to using Nitro while this happens; Police cars are 100% taken from Most Wanted, no edits to them whatsoever and very little new speech lines added to police chat.

conclusion: A great racing game fit for your collection! It will keep you addicted untill you finish it if you like racing games, but you may find yourself giving it up soon after.

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