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New cooling ‘Doc’ released for MacBook laptops

By: Rex Inego | Sep 12, 2011 09:39 AM

Altaz released Cooling ‘Doc”, consisting of a cooling platform, peripheral cable organizer and docking station for the 13” MacBook. The cooling Doc includes a couple of cooling fans, three numbers of Universal Serial Bus (USB) hubs, and a Secure Digital (SD)/ Memory Stick (MS) card reader, all of which contribute for the good functioning of the modern laptops. Continuous use of the laptop and other peripheral for a long time increase the heat generated considerably. The Cooling Doc is introduced to suppress the heat in the interest of the patrons of MacBook laptops to continue working efficiently. The hot air settled underneath the laptop is driven away by the fans, giving extended life to the laptop, apart from granting better performance of the laptop. The ideal cooling performance is guaranteed with the help of the high/low speed settings. The separate On/Off switch switches for the fan and the USB hub help the users to have control over power usage. A channel grid within the Doc enables to keep the electric cable out of the way. Productivity and convenience call the shot in today’s busy work schedule. The lightweight case with three packets can be accommodated comfortably as and where required to enable the work to go on smoothly. In addition, included are a strong non-slip stand, 5 V power adapter USB cable and case.




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