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New ID I-Shimmer Shimmer Stick

By: Rex Inego | Jun 26, 2009 11:54 AM

Designed to add radiance and beauty to your eyes, cheeks and lips, New ID I-Shimmer Shimmer Stick comes with a cream-powder formulae, which ensures easy and convenient application. This shimmer stick comes with a luminous colour at one end, while at the other end; it features a soft brush for smoothing and blending perfectly.

Pros: The retractable stick to enhance your overall looks, by adding a touch of glow to your eyes, cheekbones and lips, it comes in four colours. As per your preferences, you can select any or all of them, depending upon your skin colour. To apply it, is immensely easy. For fabulous looks, apply it over your eye brow as well as cheek bones and use the brush for blending it well. Unlike other shimmer sticks, you dont have to sharpen it and for extending it, one just has to twist the base.

cons: Nothing!

conclusion: Just the right thing to add brightness to your eyes and sharpness to your cheekbones, this I-shimmer stick makes up for a perfect final make-up touch. Add this to your make-up kit and carry it with you to apply as and when required without any hassles.

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