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New Trend of Purchasing Coloured Laptops

By: Evabarnet | Sep 23, 2011 07:16 AM

With technology advancing every day even the computer people have started manufacturing devices in accordance to the trends in society and people have the option of choosing various coloured laptops that will suit their kind of fashion and lifestyle. The big names in the computer industry like Dell, HP and Sony are following Apple’s footsteps and coming out with a wide range of colours when creating laptops. Of course, it goes without saying that the outside colour of the laptop has nothing to do with its performance. The point is that no matter where you are a dash of colour adds spice to your surroundings and give you a feeling of well being when you have a device that has been customized to your tastes and fashions. Listed below are some of the latest in the coloured laptop world. If you do not already know Apple was the first to launch the idea of coloured laptops and their first Apple MacBook had white outer cover with a varied coloured apple on each device. However their newest design have a variety of as many a twenty colours that include the brightest hot pink, the vibrant lime green etc. Dell has their Dell Inspiron that they create in eight wonderful colours like jet black, ruby red, espresso brown, alpine white, midnight blue, spring green, flamingo pink and sunshine yellow. The plus point of these coloured laptops is that they have clean fingerprint resistant finish and also have all the trimmings like laptop sleeve and wireless mouse to suit the respective shades. Dell’s lowest model Inspiron comes fitted with a web-cam, Blu-ray disk drive, a mobile broadband card and also has a casing that is created from an alloy of magnesium. Sony’s shades in laptops include rose pink, champagne gold; Bordeaux red, etc and they come with ultra-clean finish. They also have a variety of shade in their VA 10 range of models that are offered at extremely competitive rates. The last to join the band wagon is HP who has designed a unique laptop in clay! It boasts of a shining bronze shade on the outside and has a textured pattern that continues on to the inside too. With people looking for unique laptops that set them apart, the coloured laptops are beginning to dominate the market as nobody want to be seen carrying the humdrum black laptops any more. However if you do not have the budget to get one of those gorgeous looking coloured laptops you could always settle for the next best by getting yourself a terrific looking laptop case or sleeve.




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