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Nintendo Wii

By: Rex Inego | Apr 29, 2007 04:14 PM

The Wii is the latest attempt form Video Game Giant Nintendo to take Video Gaming in a new direction by adding a original control system and focusing on the 'Game play' as appose to the graphics. Nintendo have chosen to follow in the same vain as there portable the Nintendo Dual Screen (DS) and are avoiding taking the same path as there Rivals Sony and Microsoft. Both Sony and Microsoft have gone full head into the 'graphics war' to see who has the most power and realistic games. Yet Nintendo instead of just adding another number (1,2,3) or a full rotation (360) have decided to go with a new look, a new style and a new name. The little white box goes by the name of Wii, a name both admired and ridiculed. However the actual reasoning behind the name is that Wii (or we) play together, using the name as a symbol that 'everyone is welcome to play'. Also the names double I's symbolize two people, thus again strengthening the bond between the systems name and the 'everyone is welcome' phrase.

The console has gone very much down the 'I-pod' route with its style. Swoping the usual heavily branded style and blarish colours, often associated with 'geeks' for a much nicer, unbranded white console that looks both clean and stylish. The controllers are very also similar, being small and elegant. The discs have 'finally' moved to normal size, straying away from the old cartridge days and the awful little gamecube discs. The packaging for all games follow the same design with white cases,that can not fail to stick out on your shelf. You really get the feeling that the company are really trying to include the mass market with this product and I like that!

The console's basic and only package available (as of January 2007) is a white Wi, 1 controller, 1 nunchuck attachment, and a copy of Wii Sports Game. The whole package retails at 180 and just oozes value for money compared to it's expensive competitors. The actual console is very light and stands on it's trademark slant when inserted into the grey stand. The game is very good and no one in there right mind would moan about a free game! However it is much more of a Tech Demo (to teach you to use the controller) than a game with massive replay value. However even having said that there is great potential for a lot of laughs in multiplayer mode.

Pros: The pros of the machine are of course it's price point, being cheap it is available to almost all. Secondly the originality factor, the console is so unique that is just breaths fresh air into tired 'analogue stick control, button bashing type games'! Surely it must be more fun to bowl a ball, rather than pressing a button? Another thing that I have yet to touch on is it fantastic 'Retro archive' in which lots of Retro games are available for a fee. This is great and already has some classics on it, however the promise of a few new games every Friday (in the UK) ensures that this feature never gets old-excuse the pun!

cons: Cons would be mostly technical. The controller still needs batteries and it just feels plain wrong! We are in an age where everything from your mobile phone to your MP3 player use rechargeable batteries, so why not this? Another con is the Nunchuck attachment; it feels like a 'last thought' type thing. With a unresponsive sensor and a wire that can too easily get tangled up. Mentioned earlier was the Retro downloads these are just too expensive, they need something like a membership.

conclusion: Overall 95/100; A Higly Unique and Enjoyable system!

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