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NYC Duo Eye Shadow 2g

By: Chris Kevin | Aug 16, 2011 08:07 AM

Give your eyelids glowing and vibrant look with the NYC Duo Eye Shadow 2g. This combo eye shadow pack comprises of silky textured shadows that blends well with your skin. It provides excellent results and gives bright highlights. Available in a handy and easy to carry pack, this eye shadow can be carried in your purse for quick touch ups. Smooth and even finish is offered and this makes the eye shadow very useful

Pros: Both the shades complement with each other and give excellent and rich results. The darker and the lighter shades work well on all complexions and gives radiant results. You can mix and match shades to create a definite and dramatic look. A lighter colour is ideal when you go for work. The pack consists of a Dual ended applicator that ensures excellent spread of the eye shadow. The applicator covers the edges and contours of your eye and creates an irresistible appearance. Ultra silky and smooth, these eye shadows makes your eyes beautiful. The 2g eye shadow lasts for months and you get the best for your value. This is an essential make-up tool for all.

cons: None

conclusion: NYC Duo Eye Shadow offers quick eye makeup solutions. The skin absorbs the powder well and you get deep and intense shades in minutes. It does not smear and offers a uniform look

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