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NYC Smooth Mineral Eyeshadow

By: Chris Kevin | Aug 13, 2011 04:58 AM

NYC, a popular cosmetic brand has introduced the revolutionary NYC Smooth Mineral Eyeshadow. This eye shadow offers complete and quick eye make up solutions. With this mineral eye-shadow you can create a unique and bold looks. Available in easy to apply container, the eye shadow can be applied conveniently. 

Pros: The long lasting colour of the eye shadow gives you better finish and enduring effect. It is smooth and creates a flawless finish. The smooth powder can be easily blended with colour to get bold and intense looks. The powered does not cake or flake. This powder can be used as a wet or dry eye lid colour. It has multiple properties and can be used as liner, lid colour, contour or highlighter. This smooth powder can be blended with Weather Proofer Liner Sealer to create a smooth, waterproof liquid liner. It works well with all skin tones and provides a bolder look. NYC Smooth Mineral Eyeshadow can be used as wet or dry liner. It is safe to use as it is irritants-free.

cons: None

conclusion: NYC Smooth Mineral Eyeshadow is a complete eye-powder kit and opens plenty of eye make-up possibilities. You can use the powder above the lids and around the eyes to get that ultimate look.

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