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NYX Face and Body Bronzer 33.61g

By: Chris Kevin | Aug 16, 2011 08:39 AM

NYX products have acclaimed recognition from all its customers. The brand has brought out high quality cosmetic and beauty products that caters to the individual needs of the specific buyer. The NYX Face and Body Bronzer 33.61g is admired greatly for its effective tanning properties. This bronzer can be used for body including your face. It is easy to apply and you get instant tanned results in minutes. It covers all your body and face, giving a natural and radiant tanned effect. 

Pros: Natural tan is possible for people who have time. With this special bronzer you can get desirable and natural tan in juts minutes, without stepping outside your house. This product is very popular among teenagers and adults. It not only works as a bronzer but it can be used as a blush or eye shadow. This body bronzer is safe to be used in your face and you can get instant tanned look. The tanned effects lasts linger and it can be washed off easily. It does not cause any harm to your skin but makes your skin healthy and shiny. The 33.61g face and body bronzer is available in an easy to use pack. You can apply it all over your body and get the natural tan in minutes.

cons: None

conclusion: The NYX Face and Body Bronzer 33.61g is one of the smartest and easiest way to get even and natural tan. It works effectively and provides natural glow and sheen. Once you start using it you will never opt for any other product.

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