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NYX Glitter On The Go 2g

By: Chris Kevin | Aug 16, 2011 08:47 AM

The opportunities for face and eye make-up are plenty. With so many products and brands to choose from you will be left confused and frustrated. The one cosmetic brand that is trusted and used widely is the NYX. Makeup artists, celebrities and stylists use and recommend NYX products. The NYX Glitter On The Go 2g is a wonderful creation by the company and it offers quick styling solution. 

Pros: This glitter offer easy and instant make-up solutions for your face, eyes and even hair. Though, it sound strange and unacceptable, this is very true. With this glitter, you can create stylish and enviable looks in juts minutes. Applying the glitter is simple and you can create styles to suit your needs. This glitter comes in a plenty of stylish shades and you can create distinctive looks each time. This glitter opens several possibilities and gives you the freedom to choose unique looks to go with different outfits. You can apply it above the eye lids, on your check bone or anywhere on your face. You can create subtle yet sparkling highlights on your hair and style it well. Though, it comes in a 2g pack, it offers whole lot of make-up options. This compact and easy to use glitter will come handy when you run out of make-up stuffs

cons: None

conclusion: NYX Glitter On The Go 2g can be mixed and matches with other make-up products to create an ultimate look. This glitter is sure to capture attention from everyone. You can use this glitter and improve you styling skills.

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