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Offical Xbox 360 Hard Drive (360)

By: Rex Inego | Mar 28, 2007 03:26 PM

Currently the only HDD for the Xbox360. It comes with the Preimum Xbox360 but must be purchased if you want to play Xbox games on your Core Xbox360.

Pros: It has enough space to store lots of demos you download off Xbox Live, and has much more space that your average 64MB Memory Unit. It eaisally fit on the top (or side if you have your 360 in the horizontal position), it just clips in, and it looks the same as the top of you 360 so it dos'nt look bulky or out of place

cons: It says it has 20GB but it only has 12GB , I have no idea where the 8GB could have gone to. Its pretty expensive for only 12GB worth of space, and with the new 160GB HDD coming out id would be better to but the 160GB black one rather than this one.

conclusion: Keep you money and buy the new black 160GB HDD. 12GB's is not woth 80+

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