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Offical Xbox 360 Hard Drive (360)

By: Rex Inego | Jul 16, 2007 06:20 AM

The Xbox 360 hard drive is an absolute must for any gamer who is planning on getting, or already owns, and xbox 360. Microsoft released 2 versions of the 360, the core and the premium. The core has no hard drive and the premium does. I made the mistake of getting a core and had to purchase a hard drive separate after I saw how useless the xbox 360 is without it.

Pros: -Lets you save games -Lets you download content from Xbox Live -Lets you play multiplayer games (most games won't run multiplayer unless you have a gamer profile loaded and that requires a hard drive) -Lets you play original Xbox games -Lets you load music on to the 360 for playback in game -Lets you put a custom background on the Xbox Dashboard (the built in menu) -Very reliable piece of hardware -Easy to install

cons: -Costs an extra hundred bucks if you were trying to save some cash and got a core version.

conclusion: This thing should be standard on ALL 360s. It is the heart and soul of the Xbox 360. Without it, the 360 is essentially useless. With it, the 360 is an incredible gaming system. So if you have to choose between Premium or Core, spend the extra money and get the Premium, you can always take the hard drive off to see how miserable you would be if you had gotten a core.

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