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Official XBox 360 Wireless Controller (360)

By: Rex Inego | Jul 16, 2007 06:31 AM

Ever since the wireless mouse was first invented game system developers have been adapting this technology to their hardware. With the new generation of gaming consoles, wireless is standard and a wonderful luxury when compared to the old days of NES.

Pros: -Obviously, no wires to get tangled or trip over -Syncs it's self with the 360, no switches for your buddies to change to a different player and jump off a ledge when someone isn't paying attention -Very well designed to fit into the gamer's hands -Long battery life

cons: -Rechargeable battery costs and extra 20 bucks (should be standard) -No warning before the controller dies leaving you like a statue in the middle of the battlefield if it goes at the wrong time -Only comes in white (call me old fashioned but I liked it better when they came in a variety of florescent colors)

conclusion: As far as controllers go, it's one of the most comfortable. As far as features go, Microsoft should stop being cheap and make rechargeable batteries standard. But given the option of wireless or wired, I would go with wireless simply because the batteries last long enough to where it's only an occasional hassle unlike a daily hassle of untangling cords.

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