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Official XBox 360 Wireless Controller (360)

By: Rex Inego | Jul 18, 2007 12:08 PM

What a change from five years ago, opening the package, and lo and behold a comfortable fitting controller pops into your hand. We all remeber the problems with the original Xbox pad that ended up with Microsoft inventing a smaller pad.

I'm going to be frank and estimate that it put people off buying an Xbox for the first year or so, learning from this error, this time Microsft actually invested some time into the design of the new controller and as such we have a brillinat piece of hardware.

Whilst Nintendo technically released the first real wireless pad, Microsft have really taken the ideals of that and made a true success from it. The addition of an offical battery pack, and the availability to use the pad for computer use has ensured that the 360 contoller is a brilliant piece of gaming hardware.

The build quality of the controller is also better than that of the original, the pad is snug in your hand, the buttons aren't too hard or soft, the bumpers are nice and clicky. The pad as a whole is brilliant.

And last of all, the logo in the centre actually does something this time!

Pros: - Nice and snug - Decent battery life - Works, unlike the orignal pad - Compatible with the PC - No more messy wires (a bit obvious) - Brillinat invention of the bumper - Triggers instead of shoulder buttons

cons: - A tad pricey - Battery pack isn't included - Terrible D-Pad

conclusion: A brilliant piece of gaming hardware, but if you aren't too far from the console itself then consider the cheaper wired version. A big improvement from last generation. In a Word - Brilliant

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