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Parlux SuperTurbo 3000 Hair Dryer

By: Rex Inego | Jul 03, 2009 11:09 AM

Parlux SuperTurbo 3000 Hair Dryer is a must have in you dressing table. After a long shower, hair gets really dry and difficult to get dried and this dryer will help you do it all without damaging the hair. You can style your hair to match your attitude and occasion and this sole reason makes it a favourite hair styling tool for the Salon.

Hair stylists find this drying tool effective and easier to handle. It dries the hair with care and affection without damaging them and you can use every time, after you wash your hair. It offers 1810 watts power and produces 69 cubic metres of air per hour.

Pros: Powered with a long life motor, you can use it for more drying sessions and yet the unit does not give it away. This unit is developed with easy to hold handle which ensures perfect grip and you can use it with ease and simplicity. The multi speed buttons and temperature buttons are placed at convenient locations, which facilitate easy accessibility. This hair dryer is available in attractive black and silver colour. This unit is powerful, but harmless to your hair.

cons: None.

conclusion: It is simple to use and you can handle it better. This unit is black and silver attired which gives it distinctive visual apparel.

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