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Paul Smith Ladies

By: Andrew Wilson | Jul 01, 2011 07:12 AM

Sophisticated and classy ladies are never satisfied with average perfumes! They are always on the look out for fragrances which make them feel dignified and important. Quality is of utmost importance and price takes a second place for the fashion conscious and refined ladies when they select their perfume. Paul Smith Ladies are best suited for the classy, choosy and refined ladies who know what they want and never stop till they get it! The ultra-feminine scent of the perfume is amusing and capturing all at once. Top notes of the item are hinted with fruit fragrance. The sparkling and multi coloured variety has many fans. Middle notes are of floral fragrances and the base notes are so sweet it revitalizes your senses. As you can see, Paul Smith Ladies have fragrances for every type of noses. 

Pros: The feminine fragrance will surely satisfy ladies who look for different and sweet fragrances.

cons: No cons have been noted.

conclusion: Paul Smith Ladies is a ladies fragrance, which thrills and excites the wearer. It is special due to its fruity and floral hints. The sweetness has not been surpassed by any other feminine fragrances.

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