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Peter Lynn Big Foot Buggy

By: Chris Kevin | Sep 22, 2011 05:51 AM

If you want to make rides and long safaris exciting, you should make use the revolutionary Peter Lynn Big Foot Buggy. This big foot buggy is very impressive as it can slide, reverse and spin over sand dunes. Though, it has big wheels the buggy does not compromise on speed and performance. Sturdy and durable steel construction with good quality bearings and bolts makes this buggy hard wearing. 

Pros: Fully reinforced seat with extra padding offers additional support while riding. Side frames of the unit also comprises of padding. To ensure better speed, manoeuvrability and performance the company has given special attention to the wheel base, body position and construction. Since, the buggy uses replaceable parts it can be replaced and used for many riding sessions. Rims of the buggy are made from PVC plastics and tires are finished from durable rubber materials. The buggy is designed in such a way that it can be assembled quickly and conveniently. It offers support for side-pull resistance when riding for longer time period.

cons: None

conclusion: Stainless Steel is used to finish the frame and this makes it hard wearing. The side frame padding comes with Nylon Covers. Ride comfortably with this advanced buggy. Though the size and design is simple, the buggy offers unrivalled functionality.

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