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Peter Lynn Folding XR Freestyle Buggy

By: Andrew Wilson | Jul 19, 2011 07:10 AM

The compact and foldable Peter Lynn Folding XR Freestyle Buggy weighing 16.3 kg only is one of those devices that are extremely good for long hours and long distances. This is the world’s first and only foldable buggy till date. Comparatively it is far bigger with an axel width of 120cms and the newer models are said to be 50% more in length. 

Fitted with completely reinforced seats that have additional padding on the side frames and seat, this buggy is comfort personified even if you have to travel long hours, offering excellent support and ensuring safety from injuries. The great part of the Peter Lynn folding buggy is that no tools need be used to fix it up. 

The company manufacturing these units ensures that there are so well sized so as to meet the requirements of specific needs. Further the simplicity of design without compromising on the sturdiness and performance are other points in favour of the Peter Lynn Folding buggy. 

These buggies are also made using excellent quality welds and highly superior technology as far as their manufacturing is concerned and aptly selected stainless steel especially suited for the wet and salty environments and their linking all go to make this buggy tough and long lasting. In addition all parts can be easily replaced. 

The rims of the wheels are made from quality PVC plastics and the tires are constructed to withstand the rough and tough utilizing durable rubber compound. 

The Peter Lynn Foldable buggy can be easily and speedily assembled and can be stored away when not in use as they are foldable. 

Pros: Easy to assemble and use Extremely comfortable to travel in with padded seat and higher and well padded side frames ensuring safety against injury Can be conveniently put away when not in use

cons: None

conclusion: It is one of those devices that offer extreme comfort when ridden and you hardly feel the strain in spite of long hours of travel. It is an idea thing for various environmental conditions

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