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Philips MC1500H/05 Hi-Fi System

By: Rex Inego | May 11, 2011 04:19 AM

Bring home the Philips MC1500H/05 Hi-Fi System and discover a complete new audio experience. This Hi-Fi system is one of kind and features revolutionary functions and applications. Compactly designed it fits in smaller spacers and shelves. The unique design and smart features all contributes to its success. With 100 Watt power output, it offers unbeatable audio outputs. With 2 way speakers, it delivers rich and high quality audio that allows excellent listening experience. This Wireless Music Centre, though minimalist in looks delivers impeccable audio performance and rich audio. The featured CD player plays host of media types and formats. This hi-fi system holds single disc at a time and plays formats like Audio-CD, CD-R and CD-RW. The compatible formats include MP3 and WMA. For ease of handling, it features ID3 Tag Function too. With AM, FM and Internet radio you can enjoy hors of radio entertainment. Digital Tuner is also featured in this device. Feature-wise, it is fully equipped with options like Multilingual Operating system and Clock. Host of connectors including USB, RCA Input and Headphones are integrated within the device. Besides, it features LAN and WLAN. Philips MC1500H/05 Compact Hi-Fi System is energy efficient too and consumes power of 1.0 Watt on stand by mode. The 160 GB capacity HDD offers enough space to store plenty of data and files. With large storage space, it meets you storage needs.

General Information
Brand Philips
Model Philips MC1500H/05 Hi-Fi System
Disc Capacity 1
Output Power 100 Watt
Supported Media Audio-CD, CD-R, CD-RW
CD Player Yes
Digital Tuner Yes
Included Speakers 2




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