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Pinnacle Exception

By: Chris Kevin | Jul 14, 2011 07:10 AM

Perfectly designed, shaped and structured the Pinnacle Exception becomes better alternative over other golf balls. All the mid range Pinnacle balls comes in a softer finish, when compared to the older versions. This golf ball is a favourite of professional players as well as novice player. Everything about this ball is unique, like the revolutionary design, weight, size and looks. 

Pros: Controlling this mush softer ball on the green grounds becomes easier and it guarantees hassle-free use. You can control the ball well with the club face. Though it comes with a soft body, it features a high velocity core. 392 Icosahedral dimple patterns make this ball stylish and unique. Besides, it comes with distinctive directional arrows on the surface, which avoids spoiling of the clean ball. The Surlyn cover gives a soft feel. You can hit the ball with enhanced control. It is durable and you can play a number of golf sessions with this ball. The white ball is visible from a distance. High-quality design makes it hard wearing.

cons: None

conclusion: The Pinnacle Exception is perfect for golfers of all levels and needs. With improvements made in its design, structure and form, you get the best golfing experience

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