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Pixmania 8 GB SDHC Memory Card

By: Andrew Wilson | Mar 12, 2011 11:31 PM

Memory cards are available in all sizes, capacities and features to cater to the demanding storage needs of the users. The high performing Pixmania 8 GB SDHC Memory Card ensures that all your storage wants are met. The speed and performance offered by this memory card are incomparable. Finished in high quality materials, this memory card becomes hard wearing and durable. It can be inserted within the slots easily and quickly. With this memory card at hand, it paves way to smarter storage solutions. It can effectively store data and transfer them to the PC. All your digital files are secure and safe within this memory card. Transfer your digital photos from this memory card at great speeds. It offers a massive 8GB capacity which allows you to store plenty of digital photos. This high capacity memory card provides large space and it allows continuous shooting. Pixmania 8GB SDHC Digital Camera Memory Card is durable and very functional. The accessory supplied with this memory card is a 2 GB SD Memory Card. With faster read and write speeds, it completes the storage tasks in less time. This memory card is very efficient and caters to your demanding storage needs. This well engineered memory card will not break or bend easily.

General Information
Brand Pixmania
Model Pixmania 8 GB SDHC Memory Card
Type of cards SDHC memory card
Compatibility on digital Media Digital camera
Card capacity 8GB




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