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Pizza Hut, The Water Gardens, Harlow

By: Rex Inego | Jan 01, 2006 05:56 PM

young incompetent staff apologetic but thats no excuse

Pros: it was warm on a cold night

cons: staff who care more about feeding and chatting with their mates than serving full paying customers

conclusion: avoid at all costs unless for lunch. our food was all either badly cooked or still frozen. we asked 3 times for our wedges to be replaced and each time they were cold my wifes lasagne was hot on the outside and frozen on the inside the pizza we ordered tasted like the oven had not been cleaned the salad bar was not replenished the whole time we were there and there ended up being 3 choices one of the staff was asked to fill it but as she was sitting stuffing her face with pizza she refused for 1/2 hour some people were left standing waiting to be seated for 10 minutes and left others left after their drinks because the service was so slow so go there at your peril

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