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By: Rex Inego | Sep 23, 2004 02:58 PM

This is an online shoppin website that facilitates games, dvd's, cd's, you name it. All types of media.

Pros: This is a good website with rediculously low prices. I like the way they tell you the percentage and amount saved by shopping with them and not any other store. It is free to register and this makes future shopping really easy and safe. I recently ordered Combat Flight Simulator 3. It should be ?39.99 but on play i got it for ?9.99. It then tells you that this is a 75% or ?30 saving which you cant really argue with! Delivery is free and although its not next day it is first class. Delivery for me only took 3 days.

cons: Could be next day delivery but when delivery is free you cant complain.

conclusion: A great website that has loads on offer at brilliant prices. Trouble is you would be inclined to buy all the stuff you couldnt afford and you would end up saving any money!

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