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Playstation 3

By: Rex Inego | May 03, 2007 10:48 PM

This is it. The future is now. After 12 years of success with the recent 2 Playstations, Sony have come up trumps with the third console of the series. The PlayStation 3, or PS3 in short, did not sell the 20GB versions over Europe, and were not as well-bought in the other countries. Is the 60GB version well worth its features, or should people wait until the hefty 425 console comes down in price? Read on...

The first thing you'll notice about the PS3 is that it uses an identical Operating System (or a dashboard) called the Xross Media Board (XMB). This is used in the PSP, but further broadens this by allowing users to import music, play DVD, CD and BluRay movies and the PlayStation Series games. Unfortunately for us European players, some games from previous PS2 or PSX titles may not work or cause unexpected problems. Still, a library of ~1,200 games to play older titles is mightilly impressive, as the PS3 now perfectly emulates the PlayStation Series titles -- and some graphical improvements are notable. The US and JAP consoles do have 100% support for the previous titles, which is a shame, and it slightly feels that we European players have been shunned slightly due to this delay... Still, some games are better than no games, and while we're talking about it, let's talk about the BluRay PlayStation 3 titles.

The PS3's Cell processor has a maximum resolution of 1080p from the outset, and does more complicated things instead of having to heavily code the game to move facial hair or show special effects. I must tell you that the graphics are only around 256MB (the other 256MB of the 512 is used for the fluid XMB on max resolutions), but with the graphics and broadband chip, it makes it look like it'll superceed the 360, abliet some games and ports will have to cut some corners.

The BluRay drive integrated in the PS3 disc uses a very accurate laser, much better than the DVD drives that Sony and Toshiba made 7 years ago. This makes games to hold up to 50GB on a single sided BluRay Disc. Current discs will only go up to 25GB, but in time, more data will be used to create some truly cinematic games, and a massive amount of extra features on a BluRay Movie.

Onto the last point of intrest, broadband. If you have a good connection (I'd recommend at least 2MB connection speed), then you can play online games, and purchase game demos and starter packs -- for FREE! This will honestly be the biggest selling point of the PS3. Some games will use the SixAxis motion detector, on and off the PSN. while other games may charge you slightly to buy it. You can also use a OK browser and use friend lists, a bit like the 360's Live, but for no price or charge. Did I also mention that you can connect to this console from your PSP from anywhere in the world?

Now it's time for the rundown...

Pros: Fluid XMB with compatability for WMA, MP3, AAC and ATRAC for music, and most major Movie formats. Good storage space at launch Support of PS2 and PSX titles Supports a wide range of USB peripherals Massive space of data ondisc (25+GB) Upgradable SATA HDD Free online features Some impressive graphics PlayStation Portable compatible

cons: Games are more expensive than other PS series titles Some people may not have broadband Disc space gets chewed out on some games Some PS Series titles won't work in Europe Bit pricey for now Poor disc space, but that can easily be ressolved

conclusion: Overall, this console is one of the best I've got so far, only beaten by the Nintendo 64. Although pricey, I would highly recommend it for serious gamers, however if you lack money for HD Support and the console, Save up and/or wait until the price comes down.

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