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Playstation 3

By: Rex Inego | May 07, 2007 03:41 PM

Many people have been put down by the ps3 because of the price but i say DONT!
Its and exellent machine which is basicly a computor and people pay thousands of pound for pc's. Also its a blue ray player and this is proberly the cheapest blue ray player out.
If you are thinking of buying the xbox 360 think again, as with the 360 you need to by a hi-def dvd player, but the ps3 already comes with one, this makes the xbox 360 20 cheaper than the playstation 3.

Pros: -Great graphics -Good games -free interenet -home

cons: -quite expensive -Gets really hot! -ugly

conclusion: the ps3 is a good machine which is half the price of what the sega saturn was so i dont know why people are moaning about the price. ohh yeh and it has to be good as im a ninty fan!!

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